Milestone reached! Pre-orders are now closed

We are happy to announce that we at the beginning of this week have closed for pre-orders as we hit our production target. There's now a short period where we confirm orders and then begin to arrange production, following distribution-center delivery.

It's no secret that the COVID-19 situation has given us some setbacks, like it has affected most businesses worldwide. We have had to issue more refunds than anticipated as peoples financial situation has changed drastically the last months/weeks. That meant we've needed to re-fill those spots to reach our production target. These, among other unforeseen circumstances due to COVID-19 have unfortunately nudged a delay in our original timeline.

While we can confirm orders and prepare production now, we are still waiting for the travel-ban to be suspended as we have necessary travels planned before we can move to the next step in deliveries.

Unless things drastically change in the coming weeks (which we wouldn't expect, as it looks like things are slowly getting under control), then the timeline is only pushed back a few weeks, but still more or less in accordance since the last update, where we mentioned deliveries could be pushed back into June.

We understand that customers need their orders delivered within a certain time frame and we're doing everything we can to ensure the earliest possible delivery. It is in our best interest to have our pre-orders fulfilled and to get our inventory for immediate deliveries.

One of the major delays has been the cancellation of pre-orders as the uncertainty of travel plans + finances of our customers have been affected by COVID. Up until now we have been very fulfilling of these, even if slightly outside of our refund policy.

We kindly ask for understanding from our other customers that have been affected by the pushed timeline. Making these decisions don't come easy as we either have to slightly delay production, or alternatively not granting a cancellation to someone in need of it due to their financial status. We try to do our best to please all our customers. In some cases however we have ranked people over business.

To avoid any further delays, we must unfortunately now enforce a stricter cancellation policy as it simply wouldn't be fair to our other customers patiently waiting for their pre-orders. We again ask for your understanding in this.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has jumped at the opportunity to place a pre-order and help us arrange this production. By doing so we're able to scale our production and provide a product at a highly competitive price-point. We can't wait to see our product out on the market!

Should you have any additional questions for us, please get directly in touch with us for more information.