About Us


FourVolt is founded by sailors and outdoor enthusiasts that know exactly what is needed and expected of a good battery bank. We switched our own bank to LiFePO4 aprox. 8 years ago at an atrocious cost of $2500 per 100Ah so in 2019 we set out to see why LiFePO4 batteries were so expensive - turns out they actually aren't.

The number one reason why prices are high, is that it's considered a "new" technology (with a lot of hype these days) and most manufacturers choose to handle assembly and part of the production in-house. The battery cells still come from China and they are not so expensive that the retail price should be upwards $2000 per 100Ah.

We wanted to make a battery that was not only affordable, but still made to high specification and that's when FourVolt was created. We use the same high quality battery cells as other manufacturers, but instead of doing assembly / production in-house, we keep everything in China with strict on-site quality control. By doing so we remove major costs like machinery, man-power, buildings etc. and that allows us to sell an affordable product that's still just as good as any other brand.